Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The F-Word

I think it's pretty safe to say I've been a feminist all my life.

Growing up in a progressive household, I always felt like I could do whatever I wanted and be whatever I wanted. It also helped that early on, my feminist beliefs were validated by the Spice Girls, so I proudly displayed various items emblazoned with "Girl Power," such as a t-shirt and a sparkly keychain on my mini-backpack.

Unfortunately, not everyone gets to grow up with that encouragement, and this, along with our culture's obsession with genderizing everything, is why people today think "feminism" is a bad word.

I've explained to numerous people, mostly guys, that "feminist" is simply a term for someone who believes in gender equality. Plain and simple. We aren't man haters, and we're not trying to take over the world and make men obsolete (although ask me on a day when I'm arguing with the boyfriend or witnessing the macho bravado of all the tools that live in Roseville - then I might be singing a different tune).

Feminism to me is just common sense. Men and women are equal and not limited to certain roles strictly based on gender. You want to be a stay-at-home mom or dad? Great! You want to go work full time and be a go-getter? Lovely. It's not all about women running around braless and lashing out at women who decide to stay at home. It's about choice and getting to be whatever we choose.

I feel like with my busy job, I've gotten away from being more in tune with what's going on. Not to mention, I've stopped volunteering for my domestic violence/sexual assault causes. Ugh, it makes me feel awful because I thoroughly enjoyed it, but this new schedule leaves me little time to even go to the bathroom, let alone lend a hand to others (I know, I know. Excuses!).

Fear not, because I am still the feminist I ever was - I get my feminist magazine, read my feminist blogs, buy feminist books, spout my feminist rhetoric to anyone who will listen (my cat). It is in no way a bad word - I'm a feminist and proud of it!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Busy Bee

The last couple months have been the busiest I've ever had. Let's see:

1) 2 people left my agency, meaning I'm now doing my job plus someone else's, plus a couple added items. Not to mention, someone has been on vacation this week, and I'm covering for her. I'm not quite sure who I am these days.

2) I bought a new car! Finally. No more hoopty for me.

3) I turned the big 2-6! I spent the day working, but I went to dinner that night with Ty at one of my fave places - Burgers & Brew. Then he showered me with several gifts (mainly practical stuff), followed by one last gift later in the night that he "forgot" to give me. It was a box of See's candy, and he insisted I open it so we could enjoy some chocolate. Oh, there was something in there worth much more than chocolate - not one but TWO of these awesome bracelets I've been wanting! I was inspired to get them after seeing Skyler from "Breaking Bad" wear them, and now I'm a proud owner of 2 Liquid Metal bracelets (Ty, who already racks up brownie points daily, went off the charts with this surprise).

My birthday continued on - I took that Friday off, and Ty & I headed to his Truckee cabin for some R&R, as well as a cooked dinner with my parents, sister and her boyfriend. BBQ chicken, BBQ veggies and potatoes, and a bundt cake with cream cheese frosting = perfection! Best of all, I got to be with my family. And the funny part was - my mom got me another Liquid Metal bracelet! I guess I wasn't as subtle about my wanting these bracelets after all. Thankfully, we can exchange it for a necklace I also like on the website. Woohoo!

4) Did I mention work is crazy? I've been dreaming about this major project for the last 3 nights in a row. Seriously - who dreams about conference logistics, binders and IT logins? This gal, that's who. This is actually just what I signed up for! All of this hard work will be channeled into a big event I get to go to for work next week - in Nashville!!! I'm staying at the Opryland Hotel for a blogger conference, and work aside, Rascal Flatts is going to be there! Oh, and one of the Jonas Brothers. But like I said, Rascal Flatts! I've got my boots and plaid shirt ready to go.