Saturday, January 14, 2012

99 Problems

"If you havin' girl problems, I feel bad for you, son. I got 99 problems and a bitch ain't one."

Ahhh, the lyric geniusness of Jay-Z.

I'm with Jay on this one these days. I've got some issues going on, but thankfully my love life isn't one of them. And I don't really have 99 problems. More like 2.

First off, I went to the doctor this past week for an annoying issue that I won't go into details about. Let's just say I've been dealing with this pain for a long time, and it's super uncomfortable. After being poked and prodded by my doc, she referred me to a specialist. Oy. That's when you know it's something tricky to cure when you have to see a specialist. So, I'm seeing this new doc next week. Fun!

You know, I can't really complain about this because this is a minor medical problem, and it could be so much worse - like an unwanted pregnancy or cancer. I know I'll be good as new in no time, but it's still quite frustrating to have to work through the pain and then take time off of work to figure things out. I'm hoping this doesn't require surgery because taking a couple days off will get me off my groove. And I'm really kicking ass at work, I feel like!

The second problem arose the same week as my doctor's appointment, of course. My car started driving funny, making a weird noise and my Check Engine light started flashing. Umm, I think my hoopty is on her last leg (or tire, rather). I was planning to car shop in February and was hoping she'd hold up until then, but nope. She has a mind of her own, that little bitch.

Thankfully, I'll be car shopping this weekend, so if all works out well, this problem will be no longer! I can finally not hold my breath every time I start my car, praying that it starts. I can't wait for that peace of mind every day when I commute to work.

So that's the latest! Hoping these 2 issues are solved soon. Until then, I just need to keep on truckin' - well, I can't literally, of course :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Being Happy = Writer's Block

These last few months have been pretty tough on me in regards to blogging material.

For one thing - I'm trying to remain somewhat professional since I decided to friend my co-workers (and bosses) on Facebook, and they can easily discover my blog since it's listed on my profile. Sure, I'll throw a curse word in my posts every now and again, but those fly around freely at our staff meetings, so no problems there. Still - maybe this is contributing a bit to my being less candid on here?

Another reason - and this is probably the main one - I'm freakin' happy. OK, so it's not like I was ever unhappy (well, there was a strange phase in my life in early 2008 where I got somewhat emo), but this last year has been absolutely magical. And no one wants to read about pleasantness. It either comes off like I'm bragging (like all those people who bug on Facebook when they update their statuses constantly about how perfect their boyfriends/friends/meals/dogs/cocktails are.....*cringe!*) or it just sounds like I have no life outside of my job or boyfriend, considering those two things take up a considerable amount of real estate in my head.

I'm not a traitor to all of the great things that have happened in my life (because lord knows, I'm not missing unhappiness), but I have to admit it's a lot easier to blog when I have some built up tension or resentment. These days? It's pretty smooth sailing. And no one wants to read about that.

So my apologies to my 5 readers for being completely boring lately. I guess being happy comes with a price - I no longer have crazy dating stories, and my job is basically the same kind of fabulousness every day. Maybe I'm more inspired when I'm sad or angry....who knows?

Well, maybe I just need to suck it up and blog anyway. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm nowhere close to being job- or boyfriend-obsessed, so I guess I just need to get over my fear of appearing that way. And really - there's nothing wrong with being happy! I guess it's just weird to get used to :)

Speaking of happy, this weekend my food connections at work are reaping a new benefit - a free meal! I'm going to be reviewing a super nice restaurant in Old Sacramento for our blog at work, and Ty gets to come with me! So yes, there really are all kinds of free perks that come with working in PR.

Did I mention I'm addicted to meth now? Whooooooaaaa, now wouldn't that be one hell of a confession to make on a public forum? Actually, I'm just addicted to a show about meth now. It's called "Breaking Bad," and Ty and I decided to get hooked (sadly, pun intended) over New Year's weekend. While most people were spending the last hours of 2011 getting hammered, throwing confetti and making out with randoms, the BF and I were on a "Breaking Bad" binge. This show is ammmmmaaaazzzzing! I guess all of the sitting on the couch really wore us out because we fell asleep at 11 on New Year's Eve. So I rang in 2012 snoring away and dreaming of cooking crystal. Ahhh, just how every New Year's should be.

Happy 2012!