Friday, September 18, 2009

Movin' On Up

I am now officially in my new apartment! What a great sigh of relief. Moving is never easy and my first week of getting settled has had me a tad stressed, but it's SO beyond worth it!

My new place is just splendid - I live across the street from Roseville PD, so that's a nice comfort. My unit is on the corner, so I don't have too many neighbors. The carpet is new, I got an accent wall painted in the living room and best of all - I pick up a full connection of wireless Internet in my unit! Now let's hope whoever is supplying that doesn't move out anytime soon.

Moving went really well, thanks to the handy help of my dad and sister. It only took 2 hours! Well, I don't have much to my name, so that could be why.

I finally got my cable hooked up today, which is a relief because I've been feeling a little out of touch with the "real" world! This week I missed some of my favorite shows - "Tool Academy," "More to Love" season finale & "The Office"! Thank the Lord for Hulu though.

I do admit, living alone is an adjustment. I've done it before, when I lived in the Bay Area, but I still had a momentary episode of freaking out where I admit I shed a few tears. I know, I know. I should be a grown up now, but I just a little overwhelmed with loneliness for a moment there. Oh, how cable TV and DVR should solve that problem :)

In other news, my trip to the East Coast a couple weeks ago was absolutely wonderful! Seeing my old friends was crazy because it was like no time had passed at all. We spent one day in Washington D.C., exploring some of the sites, taking in the Museum of American History and the Holocaust Museum (ah-maz-ing).

I just love the East Coast (minus that horrid humidity). It all feels so old to me, and it makes me truly appreciate our history and our country. Being in Obama's neighborhood was a trip! The last time I was in D.C., Bill Clinton was president. So it's nice that I skipped that awful Bush era that I know most of us (level-headed) citizens would prefer to forget.

Another day we drove over to Baltimore, and yes, I annoyed the hell out of my friends by singing the opening number from "Hairspray" -- "Good Morning, Baltimore" -- all day. We saw Edgar Allan Poe's grave site, which was cool for me because I remember learning about it in 11th grade English. Apparently, an unidentified man visits the grave every year on Poe's birthday (coming up next month!) and leaves a red rose and bottle of cognac. Anyway, he's not buried there now, which confused me, but it was still neat to see a historic place since he grew up in Baltimore.

We walked around the Inner Harbor and then visited the National Aquarium. Maybe I'm spoiled because I've been to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but this one in Baltimore was not as cool as I'd thought it would be. We were there at closing, so maybe that's why - we weren't able to see all of the cool stuff there (like a 4-D dolphin experience) and whatnot. Although, what is 4-D? Real life?

Anyway, the trip was awesome, and we want to do another reunion next year, probably in LA. Can't wait!

In other news, my best friend Christina is coming to visit me for the weekend. She should be here in about 2.5 hours! I think tonight we're going out for drinks downtown and then shopping tomorrow. I only plan on buying work shoes since that's a necessity. Anything more and then I'm pushing it. Gotta save up for vacation in San Diego in a week!

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