Friday, March 26, 2010

Busy as a Bee

This month has sure been a whirlwind. I've been on the go constantly - this especially becomes obvious when my DVR starts to fill up with all of my unwatched TV shows. The higher percentage of filled space is directly proportionate of how much of a life I have. Right now - 64%. Eh, not bad.

Last weekend I headed to Sonoma to visit my friend Nicole for her 23rd birthday. We stayed at her parents' house there, and the next morning, a bunch of her other friends joined us for a day of wine tasking in Healdsburg. I'm usually a bit shy (read: socially awkward) when I meet new people, especially if everyone sort of knows each other beforehand and I'm the newbie.

It's especially difficult for me to drink with new people as well, mostly because I'm not completely comfortable to act like my goofy self (not everyone gets my sense of humor), and my light-weightness comes out, which makes me feel like a teenager.

But the girls were super nice - I liked them all right away. We started the morning with drinking Cristal (courtesy of Nicole) and riding around in a limo! The tipsyness, partnered with the winding roads of wine country, made our limo rides quite interesting, I must say. I sort of fell all over the place. We went to a couple wineries and did some tastings.

I have to admit something that is probably straight blasphemy in Northern California - I'm not a fan of wine tasting.

I don't drink wine too often, and sometimes the vibe of wine tasting is very pretentious. Not my style. I don't think my occasional ghetto speak really mixed well with the high society ambiance of these places. But I went along for the sake of Nicole's birthday - this was definitely her kind of thing, so I wasn't about to not go strictly because I'm a wine neophyte.

The weekend ended well with a yummy dinner - not to mention, I finally came out of my shell and made the girls laugh with my storytelling. Ghetto speak is definitely encouraged in that.

This past week at work has been non-stop crazy. I've been booking TV appearances for a couple of my clients, so I've been out going to those (which are stressful but my favorite part of the job!) and trying to keep up with my work load. Not to jinx myself, but I feel like I'll be rounding out the week with a lot done.

Best of all, tonight I'm headed to San Diego! My sister is down there for a conference for work, but she's staying for the weekend to spend time with our cousin and the rest of our family down there. Of course, I had to join them! There's no two girls I enjoy being around as much as Robyn and my cousin Wendy. Tonight we're going to stay downtown for dancing, and I'm thinking tomorrow we'll visit my grandma, aunt and uncle. My grandma went to the hospital yesterday, which scares me every time that happens, but I think she's OK now. That precious woman is 91 years young, and I love her so much - I'm so thankful I get to come see her!

So that's where I'm at these days. Feeling extremely happy. One final crazy weekend next week (moving in with Erica just at the other end of my complex) and then hopefully things calm down from there. Not being able to catch up on my TV shows is stressful :)

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