Sunday, August 15, 2010

Racists, Waxing & Art Projects

My roommate has a guy friend whom she's known for a few years, and me being a single gal, I'm pretty much a magnet for set-ups. Of course, I'm not in the market to go out and date anyone right now (no one has really stepped up to the plate and met my expectations). Plus, I've been utterly disappointed in the romance department for the better part of my adult life.

But apparently this guy friend of hers has been asking her to introduce us. The 411 on this character is that he's 32 and owns his own business. OK, sounds fine enough, minus being a bit too old for me, but if guys in their 20s haven't been cutting it, maybe a step upwards might be the cure.

So she gave him my phone number a couple weeks ago. He texted a couple times and even called once - he didn't really wow me. Plus it's kind of hard to think about dating someone when no one quite compares to the one person who is always on your mind (yes, yes, I know I said before I wasn't interested in dating - what I meant was that I'm not interested in dating anyone new. Try as I might, there is one guy that I just can't get out of my head).

Anyhoo, this guy was supposedly "too scared" to meet me alone, so he asked my roommate out for drinks and told her to bring me along. I didn't really want to go, but if it meant hanging with Erica while also drowning my annoyance with this dude in beer, I was game.

The guy was a total disappointment, as I expected. Sure, he was cute and seemed like you're average Roseville kind of guy (which is a problem in itself), but within the first 10 minutes, I discovered this fool was actually a racist homophobe - every woman's dream!

He told me he'd heard I was a "die-hard liberal," which bugs the hell out of me. Apparently, not worshiping Ronald Reagan or DVRing Fox News every night makes you a crazy lefty in this town. I told him, "Actually, I'm just a Democrat. That's about it. And I support Obama."

This led to him spewing one of the dumbest statements anyone could ever utter: "Obama is such a retard. Plus, he's half black."


I generally don't engage in political debates with people I first meet - it's not really appropriate. But this ignorant asshole was about to get an earful from me. I didn't go completely postal on him, but I set the record straight. I also called him out when he had the audacity to tell me that gay people already have equal marriage rights - they can marry the opposite sex the same way we can. Holy Hitler, I didn't realize we woke up in 1833 that morning.

I'm no stranger to ignorant people. I know a shitload of them after living in Nevada and now Placer County. I wanted to slap this guy across the face but I held my composure because in the grand scheme of things, who was he and why would he ever matter in my life?

Some other gems I found out about this caveman:

1) He still lives with his mom (you're 32, for crying out loud!)
2) He immediately talked over and interrupted me at the beginning of the night (one of my No. 1 pet peeves is to be interrupted or ignored. I don't handle it well).
3) He talked about ex-girlfriends. Several of them. And included sexual escapades in his stories.
4) He said we should "nuke" Mexico and take it over so we can all live in Cabo.

Enough said.

Thankfully Erica and I got out of there before my head exploded. She apologized for even orchestrating the whole ordeal, and later said, "I think you need to meet a guy at a political rally."

Outside of that whole fiasco, I got a call from my college ex-boyfriend. We keep in touch from time to time, especially since our whole drama happened so long ago. During our conversation, I thought how nice it was that after all this time, we could finally be cordial with one another. He's moved on and now living with his girlfriend of 2 years. I've moved on by completely getting over my pathetic feelings for him.

And in the midst of me reveling in how this could be the start of a great friendship, he begins to talk about why all guys agree that girls need to wax the area around their assholes. It's what "everyone does now." It's a hot topic in Playboy. Khloe Kardashian was on the radio talking about it. My IQ literally went down 10 points after hearing that poppycock.

All of that excitement aside, this has been a pretty grand weekend so far. I went out to the movies with 2 of my co-workers on Friday to see "Eat Pray Love." Eh, I wasn't impressed. The book was much better, although I did like seeing the romance play out onscreen.

Yesterday I went to my favorite conditioning workout class at the gym and then hung out at my Grams' house with my aunts and cousins. We worked on our tiling and grouting art projects (you heard right - Tracy is actually completing an art project). It's basically where you break up tiles and glue them in cool designs on different things - stepping stones, tables, jewelry boxes, etc.). I decorated a red brick, which isn't really useful as anything more than a door stop, but it's art! It's allowed to be pointless. We played Yahtzee afterward - call me 92, but I love me some board games!

Today I tanned by my pool, did some grocery shopping and watched way too many "One Tree Hill" episodes on DVD. Now it's time for me to write in my real (handwritten) journal and maybe even clean my bathroom, if I'm feeling wild. This is the exciting life I lead!

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  1. I like board games. I played Clue and Life the other night! We're not 92, we're just over going to "da club" and waiting for various drunk idiots spitting on the side of your face while trying to ask you to dance. Ew.