Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hop Aboard the Flaky Train

Apparently, flakiness is all the rage these days. I know I bitched about people bailing on plans earlier, and now, even more people have joined the club.

I tried my best to organize a relatively informal elementary school reunion. I guess in my generation, "informal" translates to "optional."

This little hootenanny took place last Saturday night at a bar in downtown Sac. There were countless Facebook messages exchanged, a Facebook event was created, and word of mouth was also catching on. We'd been talking about this event for weeks, and I was really looking forward to it.

Sadly, the best part of the night were my two strong-as-rubbing-alcohol rum & cokes. People did show up (and to you all that did, I love you!), but the majority of people who'd confirmed their attendance, never showed. It was a bust.

This isn't to take away from the people I did see. Of course I love getting together with my friends, but I was really hoping to see the ones who I hadn't been in touch with for the last 15 years. I wanted to reconnect and all share in the memories of Thomas Edison, maybe even sing the school song together in unison (OK, that might be a reach, but hey, given how strong they make the drinks at this place, you never know what I might have conducted).

I guess it's all part of that cliched idea that you shouldn't have high expectations in order to truly have a good time. Things rarely turn out how we expect or hope.

On that same vein, another unexpected event occurred recently. My sister lost the boyfriend she dated in college to a tragic drowning accident. This really upset her, naturally, and it made me have a sick feeling inside. Death is never fun, but when it happens to someone young, it seems even worse.

The only upside I can think of with this whole matter is that it's events like this that remind us that everything can end in an instant. The people you think will always be there, might not be one day. And you'll have to always wish you could have told them one last thing, hugged them one last time, or even just heard their voice once more.

Yeah, yeah. I'm getting sappy there, I know. I just always want to make sure I'm doing everything I can to never waste time.

And in order to not waste many of my free evenings after work, I'm taking on a new endeavor - going back to dance! I may take a couple classes at a local dance studio (I've got to check it out first hand though) because I do really miss it. The only thing I like about going to my gym is the choreographic aspect of the moves we do in my fitness classes (doing the same, repetitive motion on an elliptical machine is booooooring!). So we'll see how that goes. I might be taking tap and jazz, and yes, all of my friends and family will be invited to my recitals.

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