Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Getting Lucky

No, this post is not about that kind of getting lucky. This is about my much-needed mini-vacay to Reno/Tahoe this past week and how I got semi-lucky at Craps and 100% lucky in terms of the family I was born into.

For my sister's birthday - and an excuse to get the hell outta dodge for 4 days - she, my cousin Wendy from San Diego and I all got together for some rowdy good times. We always have a blast when the 3 of us get together, and I needed this trip to revive my monotonous spirits.

Our first day we watched old home movies of the 3 of us circa 1992. The highlights included: our choreographed rollerskate dance to "More Bounce to the Ounce," us pretending to have an auction while bidding - with Monopoly money - on pictures my sister drew on business cards, lip synching to Madonna's "Vogue" in the living room with an unexpected outburst from my dad, who was on the phone in the kitchen, "Awww, shit!", and me trying to explain that my boyfriend was Brandon from 90210. Classics!

We then met up with my parents to go see "Inception." Oh. My. Heavenly. Father. My mind was absolutely blown from that movie - soooo good! I'm actually seeing it again tomorrow night - but at the IMAX! It's going to be legit.

The next day was spent in Tahoe riding bikes by the lake. We ate lunch at this awesome place on the beach, which included many rum runners (these amazing smoothie-type drinks that are made up of about 7% slush and 93% rum). I'm not positive, but the drinks might have had an effect on our hysterical, uncontrollable laughter when my lip gloss oozed everywhere and Wendy attempted to put it on anyway. We got some dirty looks at that point.

Wendy bought us a hotel room for the night, so we decided to live it up big. We dressed up and headed to a comedy show that my mom's co-worker got us in for free. It was so much fun! Two of the comedians were black, and not to stereotype, but black people sure do know how to tell jokes (well, and Chelsea Handler, of course). The show was hysterical.

Next stop was this dancing area of the casino, which was truly just a glorified meat market. We were oogled everywhere we went by drunk douches, and a man probably older than Jesus tried to dance with me.

Thankfully, the night was saved when 3 guys came to chat us up in a very genuine, non-I'm-going-to-roofie-your-cocktail kind of way. Two of the guys were from Australia, and it was their first time in America. The other guy was from Seattle, and Wendy had her eye on him. Being the skeptic I am, I grilled Australian Guy #1 and asked if his accent was real. I think Kangaroo had a hard time understanding me.

We took the guys with us to the Craps table and taught them how to play. Earlier in the day I'd been pretty lucky - increasing my money by five-fold! Later that night, not so much. But it was still fun to watch and get into it with the whole table.

I learned that Australian Guy #1 teaches autistic kids, surfs every morning and can't understand why America offers such large portions of food. Australian Guy #2, a.k.a. George Clooney from Down Under, seemed to have his eye on my cousin, but she was more into Seattle guy. The 3 of them were super nice and friendly, and I like that they weren't trying to spit some game at us (well, if they were, my sis and I were not part of the program).

They ditched us later on though when we went to the bathroom. WTF?! Oh, well. It was time for me to get to bed. It was 2:30 a.m. after all.

Saturday and Sunday were pretty laid back. My sister's boss was out of town, so she let us stay in her house - no wait, more like mansion! It was this gorgeous house in a gated community in Reno, and we felt very high-class. It made it even more like a real vacation!

We ate sushi on Saturday night, which included about 4 sake bombs for me. Those are hands-down my favorite drinks! They always make me so happy :) I don't think I have ever had as much to drink as I did on this trip, but thankfully it was spread out throughout the day so I was never hammered beyond oblivion or hungover.

We played more Craps that night and got to bed around 3 a.m. Daaaaamn, look at little ol' Trace. Staying up late several times in one week. Now that's how a 24-year-old should act! I was beginning to worry that I was pre-menopausal already.

I was sad when the trip came to an end. I love my sister and cousin sooo much - I'm so lucky to have those girls in my life! Being around them makes me feel like I can totally be myself, and everytime we have a vacation together, I leave it feeling confident, happy and like I don't need anyone else in this world but my family.

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