Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Downside of Being Nice Part 2

Last October I wrote about being too nice and delivering an apple dumpling from Apple Hill to a random waiter that I presumed to be gay. He proceeded to drop sexual innuendos on me like bombs over Baghdad.

I should have learned then just where being nice gets you, but no. I committed the same crime again last night.

I have a guy friend of mine that I've known since high school. We went to prom together, actually, where he generally ignored me the whole night and danced with his ex-girlfriend. We've always been friendly with one another, but I've come to realize that this character is one creepy bastard.

Whenever he's single and drinking, he will sometimes "reveal" that he feels something for me. That's only happened a couple times in the past, but more recently, he keeps trying to hang out with me late at night. I have either flat out said no or just ignored him because I don't want to deal with it. But because I was having a shitty evening yesterday (and out with my roomie drinking away) I gave in to hanging out.

He roped me in by guilting me, explaining that he just needed some advice on something. I figured with my roommate there I'd be safe. Oh boy, not the case.

He came over and we all 3 chatted a bit, but then my roomie went to bed. So this guy proceeds to lay on my bed and pretend to sleep. Seriously?!? I was not amused. And nowhere in our conversation did he ever bring up what he so urgently needed advice on. HELLO! This means one thing - I am clueless.

After a slew of inappropriate sexual questions (what is it with these clingy, creepy weirdos and their over-the-top inquiries??), I had to tell him a good 15 times to leave. All while he pretended to sleep. It was the most irritating, rude thing ever. I would never overstay my welcome at someone's place, especially after they have to ask me repeatedly to leave. I almost went into my roommate's room to ask her to help me drag him out.

Finally, the asshole left, telling me that we definitely need to hang out. Umm, no. Never again. I've already deleted his number and taken him off my Facebook.

I am now cursing myself for being so naive as to believe any guy would just want to "talk." I mean, it's not like he tried anything, but he made me really uncomfortable. I don't ever want to be nice again. Time to bring out Bitch Tracy!

All of this aside, I've had quite the crappy weekend, but it was truly redeemed today when I went to dinner with my Grams and aunt. There's nothing like being with the people you love and who love you back. Too bad there are people out there who don't give a damn if I live or die - to those people, all I can think is that it's not worth my energy trying to keep people in my life who don't deserve to be in it.

And with that, tomorrow is the beginning of a new week. Time to get up, move on and start anew. It's like that Kelly Clarkson lyric - I need to pick my weeds but keep the flowers!

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