Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Plugging Along

When I woke up this morning, it took every iota inside me to physically get out of bed and actually start getting ready. Oooh, how good it sounded to just call in sick or jump out of my second story window (neither of which would be plausible - I can't lie for beans, and I seriously doubt jumping out of my window would do much more than scrape my knees and bruise my ego).

I felt like I just couldn't pull myself together, if that shows how unmotivated I've been lately. Not to mention, the ex was in my dream (why oh why, slumber gods?). The day just started off horribly.

But I pulled myself together and put one foot forward at a time - get ready, go to work, take care of tasks one at a time, etc. And really, the day went pretty well. I booked a second radio interview for one client and got serious interest from 2 other producers.

After work I went to a presentation on human trafficking (what a hoot on a Tuesday evening!). It's part of my volunteering with WEAVE. In order to stay certified as a peer counselor in domestic violence and sexual assault, I have to complete a certain number of hours of extra training. So tonight was human trafficking. VERY interesting! Apparently Sacramento is the #2 city in the country for human trafficking! It's because the Bay Area is a huge entry point, and Interstate-5 is a main thoroughfare for these traffickers, hence why Sacramento is a huge hub for these activities. So sad :(

Tonight is my guilty pleasure show - "More to Love." For those of you who don't watch, it's basically "The Bachelor" for bigger folks. It is one of the most entertaining things I've seen in awhile - not because I make fun of these women or anything (OK fine. The girl who cries in EVERY episode and never fails to mention how she's never been on a date might be ridiculed by yours truly every now and again). It's great because these are real people - they're not these stick figures who have been idolized and sucked up to their whole lives. Granted, these women were picked to be on TV for a reason (their cattiness and bitchy antics), but I like seeing more realistic people on shows.

Speaking of weight, I just saw on a Time magazine cover that apparently exercise isn't what helps people lose weight - it's simply their diet! Wow...that actually makes me feel better since I loooooathe working out. I like staying active, but you will never catch me going to the gym regularly and putting it on Facebook as one of my interests. I like simpler physical activities that don't feel like you're exercising (or rather, exerting myself to the point of exhaustion). How can people like working out? Who wants to sweat uncontrollably, pant like they're one smoke away from enphysema and bring your body to the brink of unbearable pain? I keep it simple - walks, pilates DVDs, dancing in my room, cleaning (hey, working that vacuum takes energy!).

And on that note, I'm going to go exercise my mind by doing something intellectual - watching some reality TV!

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