Friday, February 26, 2010

Single is Simple

Single is simple. This is my new motto, and it's something I'm truly coming to appreciate these days. When else in your life are you able to be (almost) completely selfish and do things all on your own terms?

I love meeting new people, of course, but not being in a relationship is truly relaxing. Not having a crush is so easy. I'm free!!!! But in all honesty, I'm still the same boy crazy girl I always have been. I'll never shake that :)

So the results came in from speed dating - one match! Seriously? OK, I know this sounds conceited, but I thought I was fairly charming. I had marked down 4 people - not necessarily as romantic interests, but just as guys I'd be interested in talking to and getting to know. And only 1 picked me! Ay yi yi....a bit of a blow to the ego, I admit. But in all reality, is going speed dating really an ego booster?

My theory with this is that girls (in general) are more lenient when it comes to meeting guys. Don't get me wrong - I know plenty of Picky Penelopes, but I think women are more open to letting little things slide in hopes that overall the guy is a good catch. Men, on the other hand, (and of course, I'm generalizing here) seem like they will write a girl off instantly if there's not an instant connection. Some would say women are the more "desperate" type, but I beg to differ. I just think we're more open to things happening and always hoping for the best.

From what I've learned, men are very visual creatures, so that can be limiting in terms of finding a woman to be attracted to. Women, though, evaluate the personality pretty much from the get-go, although I know some form of physical attraction has to be present. Note: this is not me saying that guys are shallow. This is just in the context of when you first meet someone. Of course guys are into personalities as well - it's just the physical part that usually grabs their attention first.

That aside, I actually heard from my one match, who seemed very cordial via e-mail. He asked to hang out sometime, so we met up yesterday for dinner. I went into this completely with the mindset that I am not looking for romantic intentions with this guy. I know that sounds contradictory, especially because I met him at speed dating and not at speed conversing. But I'm really over that whole stage I was in where I assumed every chance encounter with a guy was going to lead to a relationship. I mean, I'm not opposed to meeting the love of my life, but in keeping things in perspective, was I really going to meet him via speed dating?

Anyway, the dinner went well. He and I had a lot in common - I mean A LOT. To the point where I honestly questioned his sexuality. A guy who likes chick flicks? A guy who can quote "One Tree Hill"? Yeah, I'm all about having similar interests, but I don't like feeling more manly than my date. I really had a fun time - as friends, but I don't see this going anywhere romantically. I'm hoping he feels the same way, so that we don't have to get into anything awkward.

In other news, I'm excited that I get to dress up tonight for a big event for work - the Sac Hispanic Chamber is having its annual gala, and a NASA astronaut is speaking. And I get to go for free! Plus getting dolled up is always a good time - and boy, how I cannot hate free food.

Tomorrow my friend Nicole is coming into town from Palo Alto. I'm not quite sure what we're going to do, but at some point I need to buy a new TV. Yes, yes. I am going to make a big purchase, which isn't really like me since I'm so frugal, but my old one has kicked the bucket. And if I can't watch "The Bachelor" season finale on Monday, I am going to hurt someone. So that's on the agenda, plus some fun girl time of course!

I'm still waiting to hear if I got accepted into the Women's Studies certificate program through Western Kentucky University. I don't think that'll be a problem - I'm hoping I can figure out a student loan before the program starts this summer. I've never had to get one, so I'm clueless at this point. I'm sure I'll figure it out! It should be exciting to start a new endeavor ;)

All right, must be off now, but more is coming soon!

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