Thursday, February 4, 2010

Crazy Cat Lady Turns 24

I know I fit the whole "Crazy Cat Lady" persona at times since I live alone with my cat and talk to her like she's a real person. It does get me in trouble sometimes - especially when my new neighbor across the way (who is hot, by the way) catches me talking to her as I open my door - TWICE.

Once was a couple weeks ago when I was on my way out the door. I opened my door with my head turned back toward my living room, audibly telling Cammie, "Be good!" like I was leaving my toddler with a babysitter or something. I turned my head back to my front doorway, only to jump and gasp at the sight of a huge black lab.

Attached to the black lab was said hot neighbor, the roommate of another guy I've met that lives there (who is not-so-hot but seems nice). He laughed at my surprise and said, "Oh, sorry to scare you." To be honest, the moment kind of took my breath away because 1) I was not expecting to see a dog right outside my door, and 2) I didn't think I'd be seeing a hottie while I had no makeup on and was wearing my fake Harvard hoodie.

I laughed and said something back shyly, and that was that. It didn't dawn on me until later that the hot neighbor probably heard me tell Cammie to be good. Great - a weird girl who's scared of dogs yet talks to her cat like a person.

Then it happened again this last Monday. I was coming home from work, and as I unlocked my door and opened it, Cammie was right there to greet me. "Hi honey!" I said, only to hear someone behind me say, "Hello again." Hot neighbor.

I turned around (and thanked GOD I was wearing a cute outfit, having a good hair day and wearing makeup) and chatted with him a bit. Apparently his dog is named Bella (I refrained from asking if he was a "Twilight" fan). His name is Robert, and from the Navy sweatshirt he was wearing, I guessed he was ex-military. Hello! He said it was nice to have a "clean, quiet" neighbor such as myself. I didn't have the guts to say how much I hated the noise he and his friends made, not to mention how they leave their trash bags outside their door sometimes.

Then he mentioned that he liked my painting. I didn't realize my door was still open, and he could see my Audrey Hepburn picture on my wall. And being the socially awkward person I am, I responded, "Thanks. I didn't paint it myself unfortunately." WTF.

I don't really have a crush on this neighbor. I think I've seen some bleached blonde girl leaving the place a few times (probably his gf). Not to mention - they sound like partiers over there. But hey, it's nice to have cool neighbors I can say hi to every now and again.

My sister told me that from now on, I need to not talk to Cammie until my door is closed. Good call!

In other news, Tuesday was my 24th birthday! I really felt special all day (well, all week I've been feeling special, actually). My co-worker Sofia decorated my office in Audrey Hepburn pictures, confetti, streamers and balloons. My other co-worker Laura baked chocolate cupcakes. I got so many calls, texts and Facebook shout-outs - it was great! Sooo much more than I was expecting. My Grams invited me over for the evening and made lasagna and fudge - yum! And my birthday is not over - more weekend celebrating with my mom and sister (weather permitting).

I'm truly lucky to have so many great people in my life. I actually don't miss the people that I've cut out of my life in the last few months - a song came on my iTunes last night that I normally would have skipped because of the memories attached to it. Instead, I danced around my kitchen as I did dishes. Yay for progress!

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