Thursday, April 1, 2010

Apart from the Old Apartment

I'm leaving my precious little abode this weekend and moving into a 2 bedroom with Erica (same complex, but new unit is down the street).

We did the walk through of it today (after signing the lease), and it's not as nice as my current unit. That's a bummer. Erica seems to hate it more than I do - her room is significantly smaller, and the lock on her bathroom doesn't work.

Sure, it's minor stuff, but it really got me thinking about how much it sucks being in your 20s and being too poor to afford living somewhere nice.

Don't get me wrong, I am the cheapest, most simplistic person you'll ever meet. I'm not trying to live in the Taj Mahal by any means, but why must I endure living in small quarters with so-so appliances next to rowdy neighbors?

Sure, my living alone these past 6 months has been great. My place was relatively spacious, and I kept it nice and clean. The main reason for my moving is to save money so that I can build up my savings for a pipe dream of mine down the road (San Francisco!). And I love being around Erica - she's one of my favorite people and always keeps me laughing.

I think these next few months with Erica will be fine, despite some minor glitches of our new place. OK, so our new neighbor has an entire aisle's worth of empty beer boxes outside his door. And yeah, I can't run around naked doing a genie dance to the theme of "Sex & the City" as I get out of the shower. But it's high time I get a nice dose of reality and optimism, and remind myself why I'm doing this:

1) Saving money
2) Feeling safer having someone there
3) Having someone to talk to
4) Walk-in closet!
5) Real shower doors (bye bye shower curtain! I will not miss you)
6) Someone to keep Cammie company at times when I'm gone

Let's hope this goes OK....if not, our lease is up in 6 months. Then it's back to Square 1.

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