Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Why Rely On a Man When You Have Google?

This past weekend was a swirl of emotions - mainly I had what my dad calls a "case of the blahs."

I had Friday off of work, so Erica and I did our big move. Her family was a HUGE help - I just adore them! Too bad I was Grumpy Gretchen the whole time. It was raining and windy (go figure - the last 3 times I've moved, it was raining. It's like the weather gods just know). Then Comcast never showed up to install cable and Internet. Don't those beezies know I need to be in touch with the real world??

The lowest point of the day was when a large spark spewed out the back of my computer tower, and it refused to turn on after that.

Panic set in. I was manic and frantic (ooh, so many rhymes). In the midst of my desperation, I did the one thing I swore I would never do again.

I texted the ex.

Reason being - he built the damn thing, so I figured he'd have a quick answer to my problems. Mainly, I just wanted to know what the hell happened and if all of my information was lost. Trust me, had I 1) had an alternative computer geek in my phone book or 2) taken time to calm down, I would have avoided contacting this person altogether. But alas, I did.

He wrote back later, saying he was at work and that it sounded like something with my power supply. I asked if he could look at it at all, and if not, what he recommend I do. He said he was out of town for the weekend and that I'd better have a pro look at it. In other words - don't talk to me, bitch. I'm not going to help your sorry ass.

I never wrote back after that.

Thankfully, my weekend ended on a high note when my mom and sister came into town for Easter. Sunday, we spent the day at my Grams' with all of my cousins and aunts and uncle, and it was just what I needed to cheer myself up from this gloomy, annoying weekend. I used my aunt's computer to Google my spark problem. Apparently, I might need a new power cord, so I'm going to Fry's later to pick one up.

And thus, the lesson is glaringly obvious - never rely on a man for anything.

If this whole power cord business fails, I'm taking my comp to Fry's or the Geek Squad to get it checked out. And then I'm promptly taking all of the information stored on it, and transferring it to a new computer that I wish to buy for myself - with a warranty - so that when shit goes down, I'm not stuck in a pickle of either electrocuting myself or texting an ex (because really, it's a toss up there on which one's worse).

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