Sunday, December 6, 2009

Well If Dr. Oz Recommends It

I've been dealing with a stupid cold the past few days, which worsened this weekend. I was all congested and phlegmy, and after lamenting about my situation on Facebook, my aunt recommended I try a neti pot.

I'd heard of them but swore I would never try it - who wants to flush water up their nose on purpose? I've used nasal spray before, which was weird, but I had to admit that I felt better after doing it. My congestion was pretty horrible, so I was willing to go to great lengths to clearing up, even if it meant sticking a tea pot up my nose.

So I bought a neti pot kit at CVS for $10. I examined the directions and was relieved that there was no snorting or forcing the water up my nose. It basically lets gravity do the work - you tilt your head forward over the sink, place the pot in one nostril, and then rotate your head to one side so that the saline solution flushes through your nasal passages and comes out your other nostril.

It was definitely one of the weirdest things I've done! But it wasn't as bad as I'd thought. It's definitely not something you want to do with someone watching. My eyes watered profusely, and I felt like I had one long snot drip coming out of my nose (now there's a visual for you).

I gotta say - it felt great afterward! I could breathe finally. I read on the package that it's good for people with allergies too. And my Internet research beforehand revealed that Dr. Oz recommends it. Apparently it's part of some old yoga practice.

So enough about my gross nose issues.

Despite my cold, I headed over to Marilyn's last night to celebrate her birthday. Our elementary school friends Serena and Erica came, which was awesome! I had a good time, although I stayed longer than I should have - I need as much sleep as possible right now :/ But it was worth it!

Marilyn seemed to have a good time (minus too many jaeger bombs), so that's good. I love the company of good friends and meeting new people. The only downside is that I'm not much of a partier, and when you're around people who want you to drink, you get harrassed. But I stood my ground, which is good because I feel great today! Thankfully Serena is pregnant, so I wasn't the only sober one there :)

Today I'm headed to a memorial service for an old friend of my dad's. He was only in his 50s - very sad. My family is driving down now, and we're going to meet for lunch beforehand. I love seeing my fam, even if it is under sad circumstances.

I read in the Sacramento Bee that it might snow in Sacramento tomorrow! Whoa, that would be outrageous. It is quite frigid outside. Ugh, is springtime here yet?

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