Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Surprise Weekend

A couple weeks ago, I was distinctly instructed to keep last weekend open due to a Christmas surprise coming my way, courtesy of Ty. I love surprises!

I took last Friday off, and we headed up the hill to his family cabin in Truckee. We were greeted with a nice little snow storm, which was absolutely gorgeous.

Chateau de Peters

We spent Friday relaxing, eating and watching "Friday" (go figure) with cocktails in hand in front of the fire. Bliss!

But it got even better on Saturday - Ty drove me to Carson City for a local production of my favorite musical of all time, "Phantom of the Opera"!!! I literally almost shed tears, I was so excited. And that little bastard had thrown me off a couple weeks prior when I brought up wanting to see it in Vegas, to which he went on about how it wasn't that great of a show. Sacrilege!

We were by far the youngest people in the theater (all blue hairs in Northern Nevada - not surprising). Ty chatted up the old lady next to him, and I tried to ignore the snoring old man to my right (I didn't know what it was at first because I leaned in to ask Ty, "Who has the oxygen tank near us?").

The show was awesome!!! The music is seriously the best, and we were both singing it for the rest of the day (yes, even Ty belted some notes). We then headed up to Reno for dinner with my sis and her boyfriend. Yum! And the surprises didn't stop there. Ty actually agreed to go see the new "Twilight" movie, which paired with Phantom, means I owe him like a month straight of watching Anthony Bourdain with him.

The four of us watched the movie, at which my sister and I laughed at all the wrong parts. It was one of the cheesiest pieces of cinematic crap I've ever seen. I mean, you go into it expecting it to be campy, but lord. This one outdid itself. Best line of the whole thing:

Edward: See you at the altar.
Bella: I'll be the one in white!

Kill me now.

Nonetheless, it was an amazing day full of surprises and good times (just don't ask me how my Ducks did that day. I'm still recovering).

The next day, I accomplished a first - I actually shoveled snow! The driveway had about 6 inches of powder, and with the snow blower out, we were tasked with doing it all by hand. As someone who quits easily, I really wanted to give up after the first few scoops, but Ty kept me motivated. In fact, he said he really enjoyed us just doing manual labor together. Yes, nothing like elbow grease and profuse sweating to bring a couple closer.

This was the beast of a driveway we mastered.
Ty, snow shoveler extraordinaire
Overall, it was a fabulous weekend of relaxing, cooking, eating and spending time with my guy. We are doing really well, and even after 3 full days with him, I missed him the minute he dropped me off at home on Sunday! (I know, sorry for inducing the gagging). I think this trip was good for us since we got to spend a significant chunk of time together with few people around. Definitely a magical weekend - and even though I can be jaded when it comes to the romance fading in relationships after awhile, I can assure you the honeymoon is still here.

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