Monday, December 19, 2011

In Good Company

Last week we had a staff meeting at work that blew my mind. Basically we heard all about how well our agency has done this past year and where it's headed in the communications world. In sum - we are bad ass.

It does, however, make me feel a bit overwhelmed, as if I'll never be "smart" enough for my company. I know they hired me for a reason - but part of me wonders if maybe I was just one of those people who barely made the cut. Everyone at work is so intelligent, creative, innovative and ahead of the game. Not to knock myself and say I'm not smart - I'm just so in awe of the people I work with and all the creative masterminds we have in other offices as well. It's good to be around such smart folks. It definitely inspires me to work harder.

Speaking of good company, I spent this past weekend with Ty and his family up at their Truckee cabin. Saturday was spent sleeping in, eating cinnamon french toast (I actually made it!), going on a walk through the back country, ice skating (yes! A quintessential winter must-do), eating a hearty dinner and then drinking a couple cocktails by the fire.

Sunday (yesterday) could have gone better. I woke up grumpy and went to bed grumpy. Not my finest day, to say the least. Everything was sort of irking me (and no, this wasn't "women's troubles"). I did head up to Nevada City with Ty and his fam to check out Victorian Christmas. It's basically a street fair, and there are a bunch of people dressed up in Victorian clothes singing carols and playing music. What a downright cluster F the place was, but it was super fun looking into all the cute shops (I'm a sucker for old bookstores) and seeing everyone all jolly. This was probably the only slice of the day where I didn't have a bitch smirk on my face.

Then afterward, my sourness continued when my beau decided to get in a helluva mood himself too. Oh, and then there was the coming home to a couple piles of cat vomit. And effing up my living room rug when I vacuumed up a chunk out of it. Not to mention, my apartment was freezing cold, and Ty was giving Cammie the stink eye because he's allergic to her. As young kids say these days: it was an epic FAIL of an evening.

After sleeping restlessly, I woke up still feeling bitter (yep, just call me Scrooge), and was actually excited to go to work to get my mind focused on other things besides annoying (and frankly, not-all-that-important) hoo-haw. I'm happy to report that my foul mood has passed, and I'm currently listening to Christmas songs.

I'm crazy excited for Christmas!!! My fam is coming to town to look at lights, go to dinner and open up gifts. Sadly, I won't get to see Ty since he'll be up in Truckee, but maybe that's good for him since he can avoid A) cat allergy hell, also known as my apartment, and B) any potential shitty moods of mine that may arise. Regardless, it's going to be a lovely Christmas and happy new year - I just know it!

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